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Valance Heavy Duty Tarps

Our Products: Valance Heavy Duty Tarps
Valance Heavy Duty Tarps
Our valance tarp is a tarp that goes on a portable garage frame or a carport canopy frame. A valance canopy tarp overhang is eight inches on each side regardless of the size of the canopy and is designed this way to prevent water from seeping through the frame. A valance canopy is used for many of the same purposes as a portable garage or carport canopy: to protect vehicles and equipment.

Valance tarp canopies come in a variety of sizes, with the smallest valance canopy being ten feet by ten feet and the largest 30 by 50 feet. In between are valance tarp canopy sizes like a 10x20 valance canopy and 18x20 valance and enclosed canopies. Like any ordinary sturdy canopy structure, a valance canopy can become enclosed with a canopy kit to add additional side walls and doors.

The size of a valance tarp can dictate what the canopy can cover, much like a portable garage shelter. A smaller size valance canopy can cover smaller vehicles and equipment or can be a portable shed. Vehicles that can be covered in the smallest size valance canopy can be a small car or a motorcycle. The largest valance canopy we carry, a 30 by 50 feet canopy, can cover multiple vehicles, and, if you own a few seasonal or regular vehicles, this type of valance canopy can shelter two or more vehicles. Valance canopies in the middle, such as 18x20 valance and enclosed canopies, can typically protect two vehicles and can be as effective as a two car portable garage or large shed.

We carry the world’s largest selection and inventory of all types of valance tarps. All of our valance tarps are weather resistant, 100% UV Protected, Water-proof and Mildew-proof. All our polyethylene tarps are made with high density resin.

We Guarantee high quality products with Lowest Price

Actual finished Tarp Size is approximately 6" or up to 2% smaller.

TOP CANOPY offers product quantity discounts for buying in volume.

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